U2 is Following My Lead

Yep. That’s right. I have just been named (by me) as the leader of one of the biggest bands in the world. Don’t believe me?

Now I know I work in the industry, and as such, I should consider U2 colleagues. (Or so I tell myself.) But as some of you may know, I have just a bit of a super healthy obsession with them. We all have those bands. Maybe they were played a lot on the radio when we were in the womb and it’s some sort of sense memory, maybe we have the same frightening personality type as the lead singer, but for whatever reason, their music just resonates with you. Well that’s how U2 is for me. And that’s why I was so disappointed in their last album, No Line on the Horizon. And it is therein that I know that the band that has the ear of presidents and dignitaries, is taking their cues from a little independent musician whose top film scoring credit he wasn’t even paid for.

Reason #1

After No Line on the Horizon came out and sounded like an incredibly well-orchestrated version of nothing (kind of like when an adult does a child’s paint-by-the-numbers book…it looks nice, but it’s still a computer-drawn cow), I wrote a little treatise on one of their biggest fan boards about how the magic of U2 has always been in the melody and harmonic structure of the songs. Basically, in the fact that you could take their songs and strip them down to vocals and acoustic or vocals and piano, and they would still be beautiful because their core was melody and harmony. And lo and behold, after their two most recent singles in which are embodied all the brilliant U2 melodies of old, the types of melodies that are so good you feel as if they’ve always existed, Edge says in an interview that what they’re going for in this new soon-to-be-released album, is the magic of songs that could be stripped down to an acoustic or piano and still be just as good.

Conclusion: it’s not that U2 is smart, or brilliant musicians who have been topping the charts for thirty years on their own merit. Nope. It’s because they read my post.

Skeptical? Check out this fantastic rendition of their recent Ordinary Love from Jimmy Fallon last night. And how do they do it? Stripped down to acoustic and vocal, building into community vocals. Yep, they read my post.

Reason #2

Those community vocals above. On my last single, which has amassed a staggering 337 views on YouTube, I used community vocals, because I think community with your audience is the future of music. So……what else can be deduced except that I am the instigator of their fantastic performance last night. It’s just logic, people.

Conclusion: U2 is one of my 337 YouTube views.

Still skeptical? YouTube statistics say I got a view from Ireland. Bam.

Reason #3

When they released their latest single a couple of weeks ago, instead of charging money for it and making tons of money for it, they offered it for free for the first day. My music, of course, has been free for about six months now. I even wrote a blog post here on how the industry is moving that way. And what happens after they see my music offered for free? U2 of course recognizes my brilliance, and follows suit.

Conclusion: U2 listens to my music.

And if you’re still skeptical after that, watch this performance of the latest single Invisible from last night, and tell me Edge isn’t trying to copy my guitar tone.

Alright, so maybe they’re not following my lead. But after eight years, it’s super nice to have real U2 back.


2 comments for “U2 is Following My Lead

  1. Timothy Manigault
    February 19, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    Love it dude! Lol love it!

    • Karl
      April 30, 2014 at 9:36 pm

      haha Thanks, Tim. Hope you’re doing well!

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